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The Best Vegan Quesadilla Recipe with Cashew Cheese

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Yeah, I went there. Vegan.

I guess this is my debut recipe as a part-time veganist. Veganist? That's def a word, trust me, I'm on the internet!

All jokes aside, these vegan quesadillas are LEGIT. Legit-ly vegan. But how can you make a quesadilla without cheese? Queso literally translates to cheese in Spanish. Maybe these should be called cashewdillas.

It doesn't have the same ring.

This is something you could just throw together in a jiffy. SMH, do people still say that? I forgot how to blog, y'all. Or maybe I never knew how. Or MAYBE I have consumed too much caffeine. You tell me.

Let's get to this recipe. Honestly, I'm just chit-chatting because this recipe is so easy.

"This may be the best thing we've ever made together." - Bryce, my non-vegan soux chef and soulmate.

First thing's first, you are going to make the queso...out of cashews cuz #vegan.

The process is simple. Grab your food processor or blender. Add cashews. Push the button and let the machine do its work. You can't really mess this up. Blend it until it gets clumpy and sticky, then add the rest of the ingredients for our faux cheese sauce. If you think the consistency is too thick, just add more salsa or water.

The next part is also hard to get wrong.

Sauté your zucchini and mushrooms in about 1-2 tbsp oil (I used olive oil) for a couple of minutes. Then add the sliced tomatoes and cooked black beans until it is all heated through.

The next part is the probably the hardest. You have to heat up BOTH sides of the tortillas. I know, I know...I'm making this sound like anyone could make these, and that is only because anyone really could. If you don't think you can, repeat after me:

Cooking Mantra: I am a powerful fucking chef. I have the taste buds of a GODDESS, and this vegan quesadilla recipe is going DOWN. I will SHOW these vegetables who's BOSS, take a picture like the best insta food blogger that I AM, and tag Amy to show her she has got some competition in the kitchen!

I made these quesadillas using Naan bread because we loooove ourselves some Naan and hadn't had it in a while, but it would go well with any bread. Gluten free corn tortillas are our usual.

Look, I've said everything I can about this recipe. The only thing that would make it better is...yep you guessed it: avocado. Get you some avocado and make some guac for this sucker.

This vegan cheese recipe is the bees-knees. Why do people say that? Do bees have knees?

The only thing left to do is try it yourself and tag me on social media to share your beautiful, colorful vegan quesadillas!

And as always - Eat more plants, but like...ENJOY eating more plants. Yaknow?

And if you enjoyed this, be sure to leave a comment, share this with your friends, Pinterest a pic, and keep coming back for more recipes. I promise, I will share ONLY healthy AND yummy recipes!

XO - Amy

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