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PRIORITIZE YOUR HEALTH | Healthy Lifestyle Motivation for 2020

We are just about 1/12 of the way through the year 2020. Let that sink in for a second. Can you believe that?! Day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment: the clock ticks away one second of our lives.

I don't mean to be SUPER serious, here. But seriously, think about it. Seriously.

We don't have a TON of time to live our best lives. And if you think you do, go talk to anybody over 50 years of age and ask them about their life. Are you taking advantage of every moment you have? Are you prioritizing the truly important aspects of living?

Let's say you are expected to live a full life, which is 79 years according to google. Maybe you will enter into assisted living at 75 because THAT is a reality most of us don't talk about. AND if you're lucky, you won't be suffering from Alzheimer's disease starting at age 65 (1 in 10 Americans according to the world wide googlopedia).

Ouch. I'm 28 and I feel the stress creeping in already. Forget the wrinkles, I want to know that I have lived my happiest life according to my own design. I want to know that I am satisfied, in fact, I want to be overjoyed when I look back on my 79 years of living.

Did I love?

Did I make an impact?

Did I have countless and a variety of e x p e r i e n c e s?

Did I travel the world?

Did I get to know different people?

Did I pursue my own happiness?

Did you?

I don't want to get too in depth of the statistics behind the causes of death. I think we've seen those stats plenty. The year 2020 is a new ERA. And y'all, we are WOKE (slang for being "with it").

We know that health today isn't JUST about physical exercise. It isn't just about eating wholesome foods either. We have learned that healthy living is about our mental health as well. It's almost MORE so about what goes on between your ears than it is how heavy you can lift, bruh.

We are diving into the REALNESS of living in this world as a human being - even on social media. We once believed that social media would lead us into some apocalyptic future of a fake, emotionless society because it was only showing the "highlight reel" of individuals, but more and more of us are stepping up and sharing our stories, including the ups and downs, and THAT is the power behind social media.

I find that when I ask myself these questions and reflect nightly on how I am choosing to LIVE my life, I realize how important my daily health routines have become. Prioritizing my nutrition, fitness, and mindset is why I am able to live my life by my own design, and why I am able to serve my community the way that I want to.

It's why I work with people to work on their healthy lifestyles and why I have started to provide more content publicly.

I FEEL good and I want others to feel the same way.

Every Monday at 12pm CST, I give a small 20-30 minute talk answering questions about healthy living and covering specific topic requests. In this video, I wanted to share what I needed to keep in mind in order to prioritize my own health.


1. You have to WANT it.

You won't stick to your goals unless you WANT to change your life.

I REFUSE to try to help somebody who doesn't want to live a healthier lifestyle, which is why you won't see me trying to convince somebody to workout with me. This is why I don't "sell, sell, sell". This is why I'm not driven by numbers, but driven by passion, and why I actually am my client's biggest cheerleader. If you don't care, why should anyone else?

I learned this lesson when I was really young. My biological mother had terrible health habits. She was an alcoholic and chain-smoker. As a kid, all I wanted was for my mom to stop smoking and drinking, so I could be around her (and what I didn't know then - for her to actually love me). I realized very quickly that no matter how much I begged and pleaded for her to stop, the fact of the matter is that she just didn't want to. And I'm not responsible for that.

The other aspect to this is that you have to KNOW why you are wanting to change up your life. For most of us, we know deep down that we should be taking better care of ourselves. We all have a deep desire to feel better. We want to smile more, laugh more, create more, travel more, experience more, LIVE more. But how can you be #livingyourbestlife if you aren't prioritizing your health?

>> Answer these questions and think about why you would want to live a healthier lifestyle:

What do you want to FEEL?

What is going to motivate you to overcome the obstacles of healthy living?

What does your future self look like?

What would change in your life if you took better care of yourself?

How would your healthy lifestyle affect your family?

The reason why I started prioritizing my own health was a typical cliche:

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I was living a more sedentary lifestyle after graduating college, which led to poor eating habits, and even lower self esteem.

I didn't want to suffer anymore.

I didn't want to feel lost anymore.

I didn't want to look in the mirror and hear my inner voice say I'll never be good enough.

I prioritize my health now for my well-being and because I truly believe it is the first step on the pursuit of happiness.

2. You have to understand that "healthy" is NOT a destination.

It’s a lifestyle change, which means that you will never "get there". And that's a GOOD THING! You will always be leveling up.

The first step here is to accept where you are and work to get better. When you are self-aware enough to know where you are and where are you going, you will win (and you will continue winning at every level).

For me, it helped to start expecting obstacles daily (even when I know that some days would go smoothly) and to use affirmations to train my brain to always solve the problem.


I woke up late.


When is the next time I can fit in a 30 minute workout?


I didn't meal prep any healthy foods.


Can I put something together that will be healthy?

Is there a more health-focused restaurant I can pick something up from?


I don't feel like working out today.


Am I going to let EMOTIONS get in the way of my goals and the life I want to live? I will always have ups and downs, what am I training my brain to do when it gets hard? I can push past this. I can do hard things, even when I don't want to. I got this.

Training your brain to be a problem-solver actually works to convince yourself that you can overcome whatever road block comes up. This is super helpful personal development - not only for your health, but in other areas of your life as well!

3. Focus on the person you want to become, rather than the goals you want to hit.

I struggled the most in my health journey when I made specific goals, such as losing X amount of weight or getting "6 pack abs".

What I teach my clients - and anyone who asks - is to rework the way you think about healthy living. It's not about creating goals like the ones above.

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about focusing on the person you want to become.

You may have a vision of what your future self looks like and that is extremely helpful to work with (we talked about this in the "Getting Fit in 2020" gym chat). But that vision of your future self will take time.

On this part of your journey, the best way to prioritize your health daily, is to work with where you are now. You will always be changing and adapting. Maybe your vision is you 5 years down the road.

That's a LONG time in the health world. You have so many milestones to crush before you get to 5 year future you.

>>Right now, think about these questions to help you adjust to living a healthier lifestyle:

What bad habits do you have NOW?

What can you replace those bad habits with (think better - good habits)?

What will you have to change to live a healthier lifestyle?

What small thing can you do daily to live a healthier lifestyle in 2020?

What are you going to have to sacrifice in order to live a healthier lifestyle?

If you are JUST beginning your health journey, remember to take things slow and adjust to the process. Answer all of these questions for yourself and reach out if you think you'd like to have me as your coach. I'm here to help hold you accountable + support YOUR journey.

If you have been on your health journey, and like where my head is at, and you just wanna have a really fun fit buddy, reach out and do a fitness challenge with me! Ask me what I'm doing and jump in - don't be shy!

Last thing: We all have our own story. If you could imagine yourself 20 years from now. What story will you tell?

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