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My New Year Fitness Resolution And Action Plan

Updated: Feb 3

It is the best time of year for reflecting and setting new year fitness resolutions! While “going to the gym” may not be a goal we start with this year (thanks, Covid), there are plenty of ways to stay active and work towards a specific health goal.

One silver lining that came from 2020 is how innovative we have come with fitness. Because gyms, pools, and classes were shut down, people were forced to figure out different ways of staying active.

Recently, I just moved into a house and turned half of my garage into a workout space. I’ve been doing at-home workouts for five years in various rooms of my apartments, but I like having a dedicated workout space much more. Personally, I enjoy tackling my new year fitness resolutions from the comfort of my own home each year, and I sprinkle in some outdoor activity often.

Last year, I set a fitness goal to finish 5 workout programs throughout the year. I reached that goal with Beachbody on Demand, which is a streaming platform (like Netflix and Disney+) but for professionally created fitness and nutrition plans. I completed a variety of different programs through their service, and my favorite in 2020 was their shadow boxing program. I have never taken a boxing lesson before, but it was easy to learn and did wonders for my core!

This year, I’m challenging myself to strengthen and define my core even further. I have never had abs, so I want to push myself to see how strong I can get. Next year will be my 30th, and I think it’d be pretty awesome to be in tip top shape and feeling my best!

To achieve my goal and stick to my new year fitness resolution, I’ve decided to create a morning workout routine. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed this on my stories towards the end of 2020. I know that (for me) morning is the best time to get my workout done and start my day off right.

My morning routine:

5:00am Wake Up | Change into Workout Clothes | Drink Pre-Workout

5:30am Warm Up | Workouts | Cool Down

6:30am Check in with my Fit Group | Post-Workout Superfood Smoothie | Bath | Get Dressed

8:00am Breakfast | Daily To Do

In addition to having a consistent workout routine, there are three subcategories to consider when creating an action plan for health goals. My main goal or new year fitness resolution is to get a defined core. However, I can’t just wish for it. I have to work for that goal and train harder than I ever have before. The following outline is the action plan I have for training.


After setting a “number goal” last year, I learned that this year, I needed to focus on the quality of the workout, rather than quantity. I got away with it last year because I chose high quality workout programs. For this year, I’ll be choosing more advanced programs and focusing on the work I put into challenging my body with each workout I complete.

For fitness, my goal is to spend at least 30 minutes working out in the morning and an active recovery of 30 minutes stretching, walking, or practicing yoga in the afternoon/evening.

To kick things off this January, I’m committing to a 9 week program separated into 3 week phases with 5 new workouts a week that are 20-30 minutes long, 10 minute bonus workouts, and evening stretch sessions.

So far, I’m highly impressed! The training in this program is at an intermediate level with the option to modify or advance. The program rotates through strength and endurance training, cardio, and recovery. To break it down, this is the base calendar I’m following, and I am adding two 10 minute bonus workouts each day. On my rest days, I practice yoga and use the foam roller.


We have all heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” and “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. Over the past 5 years, I’ve changed my eating habits and have paid more attention to what fuels or hurts my body. Slowly, I’ve adapted to a whole foods diet, including more vegetables and less meat and sugar. If you're looking for more details about healthy eating, I wrote a blog with a whole foods grocery list.

I’ve also learned more about portion control and mindful eating. Beachbody on Demand includes a nutrition center where you can go through lessons to educate yourself. Plus, they include easy to prepare healthy meals and meal plans depending on your goals. I have dove into both nutrition programs and have tried countless recipes. It’s the total solution to achieving new year fitness resolutions!

For my nutrition, I’m combining proper portion control and mindful eating with the provided meal plans and recipes. Also, I use supplements to give my nutrition and body a boost while I train, including a superfoods blend, a clean pre-workout and post-workout, collagen, and vitamin D3.


Often disregarded, accountability is the difference maker between achieving fitness goals and talking yourself out of it (which I’m really good at!). I used to struggle with sticking to any sort of workout schedule or plan for reasons X, Y, and Z. Now, I know the power of having an online support group with others pushing for their own goals, altogether.

In my group, we:

  • virtually meet in a zoom room to hold each other accountable to our daily workouts

  • check in with each other and track our own progress in a private group on an exclusive app

  • meet up for dinner parties weekly to try new recipes and connect more personally

  • talk about our specific goals and figure out action plans together

  • learn to show up for ourselves and grow into our best versions

In addition to my private group, I also use social media as a means of public accountability! I share parts of my journey mostly on Instagram to help keep myself on track with what I say I’m going to do.

Training your body through a difficult fitness resolution builds character and integrity. The more consistently you show up for your health goals, the more belief you build into yourself and what you can do with your life.

Since I started coaching others through these programs alongside me, I forced myself to show up and built myself into the person I always dreamt about being. As I continue to help others reach their goals, I will continue to learn and grow and show up as my best self!

Do you have a new year fitness resolution?

I’d love to be a part of your journey and help you reach your goals. Fill out the form on my website and I’ll get back to you with how I can help you achieve your new year fitness resolution!

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