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10 Fitness Goals For Women

Updated: Feb 3

Fitness goals for women can be a hard topic for conversation, despite body positivity movements circulating media now. The stereotypes, doubt, and fear of judgement are so deeply ingrained that it will take time to warm up to the idea that there is no “one size fits all” body type. These 10 fitness goals for women are focused on setting goals based on how we want to feel rather than how we want to look or how we think we should look.

It’s the beginning of the year, which means most of us are setting resolutions and defining what fitness goals we want to focus on. We all have heard the stats that only 20% of people continue working towards their goals come February, but did you know that less than half of those people are women? According to the DNA testing company, 23andMe, age and sex do have a correlation with keeping new year resolutions.

We all struggle to keep our fitness goals for a variety of reasons, like mental health issues, poor goal setting and tracking systems, no accountability, under education of physical health, and others.

Unless you’re in the fitness industry already, setting fitness goals can be confusing. If you struggle to keep your fitness goals, try a different approach this year. Simplify your goals and change the way you think of fitness.

Replace fitness goals centered around the way you look with one (or more) of these 10 fitness goals for women that will make you healthier and feel good.

Goal #1 Become stronger.

Take a strength test to measure where your body is at now, and then again every 8-12 weeks. You can do a push up test to measure your strength and endurance, as well as a plank test to measure core and stability.

Other measures of strength:

  • Lower resting heart rate

  • Keeping up with friends on a walk or jog

  • Quick recovery time after working out

  • Exercising consistently

  • Ease of daily life tasks (playing with kids, carrying grocery bags, etc)

  • Taking the stairs more often than elevators

  • Doing a variety of exercises

  • Getting 7-9 quality hours of sleep each night

  • Mental health is in good shape

Goal #2 Learn/Master a new skill.

Pick up new lessons or train harder in something you’ve already tried. Think of specific skills like: boxing, ballet, yoga, cycling, swimming, crossfit, or pilates. Pick something exciting and interesting to you and become a master or get certified to teach that skill. There are plenty of online resources, like getting certified to teach yoga.

Goal #3 Make fitness a part of your lifestyle.

The more often you can make exercise and activity a part of your daily life, the easier it’s going to be to stay committed to your goals. Add activity time into your daily schedule by making it a part of your routines. For example, I made my workouts a part of my morning routine, and I also do a short stretching sequence in the evenings to transition from my work day.

Goal #4 Train for an event.

Crossing off an event, like a marathon or ironman, is a huge deal and can be motivating for a lot of people. Bucket list items like these feel more tangible and accomplishing, rather than just “working out to workout”.

My friend, Andrea, has a goal to complete an Ironman in 2021. You can find her on her blog and Instagram.

Goal #5 Add stretching to your daily routine.

Stretching in the morning can wake up your body and provide natural energy, and at night, it can help to unwind from a hard day. Improving flexibility and range of motion are ways to stay active without the sweat.

Goal #6 Aim for perfect form.

The goal should always be great form when exercising to help prevent injury and get the most out of the exercise. If you enjoy repeating workouts, aim for perfect form and create that muscle memory.

Goal #7 Up your weights.

Work towards increasing your weights when you lift or use dumbbells during your workouts. Not only will it challenge your body, but it will also help you measure how much progress you’re making. When using the heavier weights, make sure your form is on point. Do as many reps as you can with great form. If your form starts to waver, then drop back to the lighter weights to finish the reps. Each time you use them, try to get 1-2 more reps in than before until you can do all the reps without having to drop.

Goal #8 Improve your endurance.

Improve your endurance by practicing yoga, planks, and extending your exercise time. If you are a runner, challenge yourself to run for a longer distance before slowing your pace. Physical stamina is something you can build up with practice and effort.

Goal #9 Track your progress.

Take progress photos, measurements, and log your activity to keep yourself accountable and see the changes happening in your body. Celebrate all the victories - big and small, scaled and non-scale. When you work with me, you’ll use a private app to track your progress and stay committed to your journey!

Goal #10 Work on balance.

Yoga is a great way to work on and improve balance for all different levels of fitness, but there are other ways of improving balance too. Balance is important for stability and reducing injury as we age.

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