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As we wind down our first week of self-induced quarantine and move into the weekend, you may be looking for some things to do at home to support your social distancing. The obvious idea is to do a full spring cleaning around your place - which is a wonderful thing to do!

But I'm a fitness coach and mindset mentor, so let's get a little more specific with some ideas to help you maintain or even level up your healthy lifestyle.

Let's start in the kitchen. Nutrition has EVERYTHING to do with your healthy lifestyle, and we do NOT want to look back at March 2020 with regret for gaining unnecessary weight.

Jokes aside, if you can order fresh produce for delivery or work with local farmers, there is no reason why you can't stick to your healthy eating plan. Don't give yourself permission to make excuses and consume non-nutritious food because it's not as convenient.

1. Clean out your pantry of junk food.

One of the biggest health complaints I've seen around being stuck at home is the fact that you now have more opportunity to snack. If you're a snacker, this is IMPORTANT! You know you have some hidden cookies and chips back there. Have a junk drawer? CLEAN IT OUT. I recommend giving away or trashing the junk food - no nutritional value? NO BUENO.

2. Buy some organizational storage containers for healthy essentials.

If you have a small local business that sells items like this - get in touch with them and pick up your order, otherwise, Amazon and other online businesses are still delivering. Stock up on oats, whole wheat or plant-protein pastas, dried beans, rices, quinoa, etc.

3. Clean out your fridge with baking soda and vinegar - get rid of non-healthy items.

Baking soda and vinegar are effective household cleaners for foods. Take this time to empty out the fridge (including the door storage) and throw away bad or unused foods / food products.

4. Buy a water infuser to add lemon and other citrus to up your water intake with flavor and micronutrients.

This is the best time to create a better hydration habit. Staying hydrated has a positive impact on your defense system, and citrus will further support your immunity.

5. Find a spot and set up your workout gear/equipment so you see it every day.

Working out at home is now an essential part of health-conscious people. If you didn't have a mat or set of resistance bands before, I bet you have some now! Create a "space" for your workouts that you can see everyday to encourage you to stay active.

6. Go through your workout clothes and pick your favorite outfits.

Do you hoard workout clothes? Have a ton of shorts, shirts, or sports bras that you don't use anymore? Now is the time to clean up shop! I would pick out 7 different combinations for each day of the week (or however many days you workout each week). Pack up the rest into bags to give away later.

7. Find a spot in your closet for your workout clothes and shoes.

We get more excited about our workout when we are excited about the cute outfit we get to wear! You want this area to be seen. Depending on your closet size, you can create a display of each outfit with Monday to Sunday tags attached, or you could neatly fold them into a see-through container that sits on top of a shelf. This will help you visualize how many workouts you’ve done (and have left to do) as you go through the week.

8. Find a healthy “treat” recipe and make some for the week.

You cleared your pantry and fridge of "junk food" but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy something sweet (in moderation). Search "healthy desserts" on pinterest and find one that looks tasty to you. I recently created these brownie bites that are simple and easy to make, and actually taste like brownies! Try these out here: 5 Ingredient, No Bake Brownie Bites Vegan Recipe.

9. Plan out a new meal plan based on your individual fitness goals.

Change it up and write out a completely new plan for your eating habits. Keep recipes you like and stick to what's working for you for some of it, but do some research and figure out what your body needs to reach your goals. Try something new at the grocery store or test out eating vegetarian/vegan for a meal, a day, or - what the heck, try a full week! Can you do it?

10. Try a new type of workout to boost your mood.

Maybe you don't have an exercise routine and are thinking about starting. You can begin with the basics - go for a walk or run, or you can get into a specific at-home workout program designed to keep things exciting. You can try a number of different workouts, including yoga, HIIT, boxing, hip hop, weight lifting, ballet, Pilates, agility, etc. If you want to try some free sample workouts, leave your email here, and I'd be happy to send over a few!

Are you looking for someone to coach you through your health + mindset goals during this confusing time? Read about my next challenge group "Fight For Yourself", opening up on March 30th. We will be focused on prioritizing our own happiness, and includes, a workout program of your choice to follow, meal plans, supplements, access to my online happiness course, my guide to results ebook, and 1 on 1 coaching with yours truly! Just fill out the form at the bottom and I'll get back to you!

I hope that completing tasks off of this list helps you feel more energetic and strong as we go through the COVID-19 quarantine.

You do NOT have to let your health goals slide out of fear of the unknown. Do NOT let your excuses get the best of you.

XO - Amy

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