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I wanted to build a community of individuals, like me, who have a goal to prioritize a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. I've learned that "family" are the people in your life who care to show up and support your journey to happiness, and that's exactly what this community is to me. As a member of this family, my goal is to support, encourage, and lift you up on YOUR journey! 
Meet the rest of the fam bam below.


My journey has been so much more than just weight loss. Learning confidence and self love has been so important to my progress. I learned that getting healthier was more than just physical - I had to be happy with “me”, too. Our community has truly been everything - the love and support of everyone has been amazing and I feel it’s truly a second family to me!



I have felt empowered as a woman within this community and I thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone’s journey. It feels good that we have all been working hard towards similar goals.


My time with the community of Synergym has allowed me to find a new respect and acceptance for my journey through health and fitness. The community is always so uplifting and encouraging no matter how small the achievement. It is such a safe, positive environment that allows me to grow without discouragement.


As a mom of two it was easy to say I don’t have time anymore to workout, but it’s because of this community I choose to keep showing up.


While Synergym has provided me with additional accountability and resources to live a healthy and fit life, more importantly, it has provided me with support. Even on the hardest days or after being sick or whatever is going on, someone is there being your cheerleader and lifting you up. It's such a great feeling to have that encouragement no matter what you're going through and struggling with.

Alex Grosnick


Hi! I’m Sammi! I joined this group fall of 2019. Through this group, I’ve been able to find a community of friends to motivate me and help me achieve my health goals! I’ve gained motivation and encouragement through my teammates and especially Amy. This group has pushed me to overcome mental obstacles and gain a better understanding of my health!

Samantha Patrick


I believe that our bodies are built to be hybrid athletes. Our community understands that movement is an essential part of our daily lives. We collectively celebrate & empower the freedoms that result from intentionally pursuing movement and health everyday.



This community has provided me with the perfect amount of encouragement and accountability with my health and fitness journey. They are a cool group of strong people that I feel fortunate to be a part of.


Synergym has been an incredible support system for me. I am able to celebrate my victories and be honest about my set backs without the fear of judgment. The community provides such a positive and safe environment to share my journey!



Community to me means a group of diverse individuals who work together to accomplish a common goal. Whether that be with encouragement, inspiration, support, a pat on the back, a high five, a hug, an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on. As a community, we ten to have a higher success rate because we all need a strong support system backing us through this crazy thing called life.

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